Planning process started: 2012
Plan and EIR scheduled for adoption: January 2014
Campaign team: Congregations Organizing for Renewal & Urban Habitat
Location on Transit Line: Warm Springs BART Station

Through Great Communities Collaborative, Congregations Organizing for Renewal (COR) and Urban Habitat are partnering in Fremont to engage Fremont and Alameda County residents interested in creating a community with quality jobs and housing for all incomes in Southern Alameda County.

Fremont will be the next major BART extension station to be added to the existing Bay Area-wide regional transit system, which will, for the first time, be extended into Santa Clara County. With two TOD planning processes set to begin (Warm Springs and Civic Center), an optional BART station in development (Irvington), significant investments in nearby industrial uses (Tesla Motors, Seagate Technology), and the fourth largest population in the Bay Area, Fremont is set to be the next major transit-oriented development site in the region.

The opportunity coming to Fremont is a once in a lifetime chance for residents to influence how they want their community to look for generations to come. Warm Springs BART will eventually connect Fremont residents to all three of the major Bay Area cities and workers from as far as Pleasanton, San Jose and San Francisco will be taking the train into Warm Springs to work in the many new businesses that will likely spring up as the economy rebounds from the Great Recession. Conversely, Warm Springs BART will provide an opportunity for current Fremont residents and Fremont workers to live near a regional transit station that will allow them to walk to businesses and take a train to work. All of these opportunities will be discussed throughout 2013 as the City of Fremont begins its planning process. Residents and workers alike have an opportunity to influence the decisions being made this year that will impact Fremont residents and the Bay Area over the next few generations.

The GCC Campaign

The common UH/COR platform themes includes the following:

Quality Jobs for Fremont Residents and Bay Area-wide: link low-income workers, job support services, training and employers via public transit, especially through the Warm Springs BART Station Specific Plan.

Housing Opportunities for All Incomes:The Warm Springs BART station will provide an opportunity for affordable housing opportunities for all income levels as well as workforce housing and mixed-use development opportunities adjacent to the new station, for generations to come.

Current projects and status of the plan area (not revised):

  • Draft Community Plan Work: May thru September 2013
  • Final Draft Community Plan & Draft EIR: October 2013
  • Final EIR with Public Comment: December 2013
  • Plan Adoption: Winter 2013
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