Implementation Process Started: February 2013

Implementation Work to End: February 2016

Campaign Team: TransForm, EBHO, EBALDC

Location on Transit Line: The International Boulevard Transit-Oriented Development Plan (or “IBTOD”) traverses East Oakland / International Blvd. portion AC Transit’s 1/1Rapid lines, soon to host first full-scale BRT project in the region (scheduled for operations to begin in 2017). The project area also includes the Fruitvale BART Station. The specific area of focus along the corridor is 7 miles long (from 8th Ave. to San Leandro Blvd.) and includes the blocks immediately adjacent to it on either side of International Blvd.

Great Communities Collaborative (GCC) funds TransForm (a transportation equity organization dedicated to creating world-class public transportation, walkable and bikeable communities), the East Bay Housing Organizations, or “EBHO” (a nonprofit that works to win affordable housing policies and developments for low-income  families in the East Bay), and the East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation (EBALDC), which is a nonprofit, affordable housing developer to facilitate the implementation of the recently completed International Boulevard Transit-Oriented Development Plan (or “IBTOD”). We are also working with other key community stakeholders, having leveraged GCC and funding for the City (through a $1M, three-year grant from the Strategic Growth Council won for the implementation of the International Blvd. TOD Plan) to leverage $½M in funding from The California Endowment for other community allies (including the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment, or “ACCE”; Causa Justa Just Cause, or “CJJC”; the East Bay Asian Youth Center, or “EBAYC”; Oakland Community Organizations, or “OCO”; Allen Temple Baptist Church, the Spanish Speaking Unity Council, and other groups with independent funding or who can bring more needed funding, such as Policy Link, the Urban Strategies Council, the Local Initiatives Support Corporation, and Enterprise Community Partners).

For more background, visit TransForm’s International Blvd. TOD Plan Campaign webpage.

The IBTOD / OSNI GCC Implementation Campaign

The GCC implementation work is being facilitated through the City of Oakland’s “Oakland Sustainable Neighborhoods Initiative” (or “OSNI”). The groups listed above have divided into five areas of policy focus and are working with respective city staff in the policy areas of transportation, housing, economic development, safety, public health and arts and culture.

GCC partners and OSNI members have all recognized the need for City wide policies to be put into place to attract investment to the corridor and other areas that may be ripe for TOD in Oakland (such as the Lake Merritt Station Area, Upper-Broadway Valdez, Coliseum City, and the West Oakland BART Station)

The common platform amongst OSNI members includes the following:

1.         Integrate transit, housing, economic development, and public health and safety efforts to coordinate public/private strategies and targeted investments.

2.         Identify and implement priority catalyst projects.

3.         Develop a public safety plan that enhances Corridor revitalization.

4.         Increase workforce training and employment opportunities for residents.

6.         Analyze and address public health impacts from policies and projects.

Currently, the OSNI is working on several policy fronts including; identifying needs of local merchants from along the corridor in an effort to help them prepare for, survive through and thrive after construction of the BRT line, identifying “catalyst TOD sites” that would be most ripe for redevelopment, and identifying community assets that should be protected and or enhanced when those sites are developed; identifying bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure that will not be improved via BRT improvements, and which need to be funded through other mechanisms; and finally, the development of a Parking Benefits District that will create a local financing mechanism while improving access to parking in the very busy Fruitvale commercial district along the corridor and in the neighboring communities.

Current projects and status of the plan area:

There is one major TOD project underway (in the design and funding phase) at 94th Ave. and International Blvd.). While we are working to support this redevelopment project, we have worked, and will also be working in the following manner:

February 2013: First OSNI Collaborative meeting held with community stakeholders.

Spring-Winter of 2013: Policy platforms / priorities from Policy Workgroups identified.

First and Second Quarters of 2014: Identify “TOD Catalyst Sites”, and identify bike and pedestrian projects in need of funding along the corridor.

Second and Third Quarters 2014: Establish Residential Parking Permit District and help prepare the local merchant to create a Parking Benefits District in the first quarter of 2015, and submit funding applications for bike and ped infrastructure projects mentioned above.

Fourth Quarter of 2014: Assist City and stakeholders in strengthening tenant protections as well as facilitating the development of affordable housing at least one of the catalyst sites identified in the First and Second Quarters of 2014.

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