The GCC Strategic Plan 2016-2020 directs GCC to create a more networked structure to engage a broad set of partners.

From the Strategic Plan: One of GCC’s greatest values is its broad set of relationships – with funders, advocates, non-profit organizations, the public and private sector – who work together for equitable and sustainable development throughout the Bay Area. GCC is now poised to better serve the region by supporting and strategically linking the many groups that are part of the Bay Area ecosystem. GCC will become the connective tissue that ensures that we work together effectively toward common objectives. This broader approach will recognize the unique strengths of individual organizations, elevate campaign messages, and articulate the regional imperative for equity in our transit, development and climate policies. Moreover, the structure will provide GCC with the elasticity to engage with a larger set of partners from various sectors to advance GCC’s goals.

GCC’s new structure will include the following elements: the Funders Network, the Leadership Council, Partners, Working Groups and GCC staff. See below for a draft graphic showing how these bodies will work together to achieve GCC’s goals and outcomes.

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GCC Structure Image

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