Planning process started: 2013
Plan and EIR scheduled for adoption: June 2014
Campaign team: Greenbelt Alliance, East Bay Housing Organizations
Location on Transit Line: Concord BART Station

See the campaign platform here.

Great Communities Collaborative (GCC) is supporting a campaign to help the City of Concord create a successful vision for a revitalized, vibrant downtown.

The campaign is led by Greenbelt Alliance and East Bay Housing Organizations (EBHO).

The GCC Campaign

Greenbelt Alliance and EBHO are proud to be members of the Community Coalition for a Sustainable Concord (CCSC). This coalition worked with the city of Concord to shape a vision for the 5,000 acre shuttered Concord Naval Weapons Station. The award-winning plan for the Weapons Station calls for sustainable, equitable development; open space preservation; and creation of good local jobs.

With the leadership of Greenbelt Alliance and EBHO, in 2013 the coalition began participating in the creation of a new Specific Plan for downtown Concord. Looking to build upon the city’s groundbreaking work at the Weapons Station, the coalition adopted a platform that focuses on the following:

Vibrant, walkable neighborhoods: with a strategy to “lead with homes” to increase the downtown customer base and strengthen the downtown’s reputation as a hub for social interaction. Enhancing downtown transportation options while minimizing land dedicated to parking to close gaps in the urban fabric

Open space and nature resource protection: incorporating areas for respite and relaxation within downtown and access to nearby open spaces, including the new regional park at the Weapons Station

Affordable housing opportunities and homeless solutions: ensuring at least 50% of new homes serve moderate and low-income residents, focusing on publicly-owned land to create affordable housing

Quality jobs for local residents: employing policy measures to support the local skilled workforce, already concentrated in this part of the county

Environmentally sustainable development: with minimum thresholds for the latest in green building technology and encouragement of green businesses and jobs

Strong community-driven and inclusive process: that engages constituents who have not traditionally participated in planning exercises

Current projects and status of the plan area:

October 2013 – Public workshop on Preferred Alternative

January 2014 – Release of Draft Specific Plan and Draft EIR

June 2014 – Adoption of the Specific Plan

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